Hot hot hot

Posted: May 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

it’s dazzlingly hot. I thought the clouds were coming in and it would gert cooler, but no, the opposite. Not much sense of the ticking clock here (sitting on the steps by the boathouse above the beach).

I have 60 hours to go till midnight 31st May. I have nearly finished puting up the pages for Season 1 of and have come to a halt. I can’t find the next notebook bit to type up. I have notebooks going back 10 -15 years, all labelled and some indexed. there’s an enormous pile of stuff there. there’s an enormous pile of stuff in the room.

(I may upload photos but that would involve finding the camera and all its bits)

The big shelf fell down in th emiddle of the BIG SORT-OUT and I haven’t really recovered since. I just shift the piles around and when I run out of clean knickers (I have about a month’s supply) I grab armfuls of the topmost pile and do a big wash.

I have creditors battering att he door and tying up my phone line because I can’t find the paperwork to go with their insistent demands and I’m buggered if I’m going to pay them sight unseen – robbing bastards.

So all in a ll a bit of a space crisis.

Which is why I’m sitting  here on the steps watching the tide scoop up brown ribbons of weed like a sinkful of tealeaves.

the Plan is:

Plan A

Find the rest of Season 1, type it up, put it into pages. Then Upload the whole of Season 1 to, by tonight.

plan B

Start typing up Season 2, create a database of Season 2 diaries, and start putting them into pages; <br />Break occasionally to search for the missing notebook and tidy up.

plan C – sod it! Who needs money anyway?

Plan C is looking very goos from here

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