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the five year plan

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Five Year Plan, Plans

It’s coming up to one of those birthdays with a lot of 5s in it, so I thought I’d dust off the Five Year Plan..

the idea was to have published 10 books by 16/08/2010. Hmm. well I think I can achieve it, if I just get down to the writing – and more significantly the marketing, promotion, networking, so that someone will actually read it.

The First Five Year Plan was – well – it deserves a book in itself, which I may just write… but forward, comrades, look to the fuchsia. [I may in an idle moment create a graphic representation in good Socialist Realist style of Looking to the Fuchsia]

onwards and upwards. The weather is playing peek-a-boo with me. I keep decidiing to take advantage of the lo9vely sunshine after all the torrents, only to look again and see deep grey clouds. Perhaps it will have brightened up by the time I have my breakfast – yes I know it’s nearly 3pm – but I’ve been sitting in bed Planning.