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Like most writers who aspire to be better, recognised, worthy (whatever it is you think you’re not at the moment), I devour descriptions of other writers’ lives. sometimes I even mythologise my future self – you know, that self who effortlessly bounces out of bed and gets to the task they set themself, whether it is finishing Chapter 3 or free-writing 5k words. I know I’m not like that (or only for very brief periods) but somehow the belief still persists: tomorrow we will be somehow different, more focused, more energetic.
Why would I believe that?
Because today, in its particularity, is different, more random. Tomorrow selves are idealised, free from the binds and chafes of contingency, clean and clear of the accidental, the just-happens-to-be-so. Let’s drink to them in their imaginary world. then get back to our own messy one where we have to operate in the midst..