The Ticking Clock

The Ticking Clock documents my struggle with procrastination and my attempts to hurl myself at deadlines to break me out of it. The latest incarnation is NaNoWriMo – write a 50-word novel in a month. Novemebr 2009 is the month.

Below is how this blog started – and I did manage to put up the site and get the ££. See

This is how it happened. Two years ago, I got some development money for a project that was supposed to be delivered last March. Six months overdue: (cough) perhaps you’ve got something to show us?

Stall them. There were problems BIG problems techie problems.

but essentially, I hit a wall, and thought: I’d rather get onto something more fun (a recurrent theme). First there was the trans-species love story (aka Gorilla Porn). then there was the freshly invented genre: biblical vampire detective porn (‘Fallen’). I got up to 25k words on that one. Then Dolly (we’ll come back to Dolly), Tom Barley, it goes on and on till the latest, Something Fishy.

I am what you might call a great starter. it’s the finishing I find difficult.

Cut to the chase. After pleading and squirming, I get an extension to the deadline. I go at with renewed whatever it is that is renewed. I teach myself how to enter the stories in the monstrously elegant wholly alien engine that is

Then I get pulled away by some shiny moving thing. onto the back burner go the Swanns. Time ambles on. I’m immersed in lots of projects, literary and otherwise. Ceilings fall. Shelves, groaning, give up their contents to the maelstrom that is my study-bedroom floor.

Suddenly, there on the calendar appears the fearful date, the final deadline: 31st May 2008. Where did that come from? How did that get there?

So, chastened, I decide to go all out to complete this project by its deadline. And, because obviously I haven’t got enough to do, I decide to document it on this blog. For posterity. For a laugh. As punishmnet for my wilful procrastination, so everyone will see how crap I am at time management.


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